International Student’s Guide to Healthcare and Health Insurance in Canada

One of the most famous things about Canada is insurance international students. It’s popular because it is free and available only to citizens and permanent residents. Due to this reason, every internal student who wants to study in Canada has to organize health insurance for the time that they are going to study. Since you are reading this, you are likely planning to go and study in Canada.

International student’s guide to healthcare and health insurance in canada

What you need to know

The nation’s healthcare system is different depending on the province where you are going to stay. As an international student, you need to conduct extensive research on the province that you are going to stay in to prepare accordingly. Some provinces usually cover international students under the plans provided while other provinces require learners to take private insurance. Once you land in Canada, your tutor will require you to write academic essays. If you are required to write about healthcare, you can get healthcare assignment help from an expert. Getting assignment help and essay examples in Canada will help you get time to research on the plans available. If your province requires you to take private health insurance, the learning institution will cover you. In some instances, some learning institutions will cover you while others will allow you to invest in private health insurance as long you are capable of doing so. Regardless of the situation, you have to get assignment help and insurance cover as an international student to be achieve your study goals.

Healthcare in Canada

Permanent residents and Canadian citizens can easily access services provided by most hospitals without having to use their hard-earned money. The federal government provides universal healthcare. However, most of the programs available are operated by provinces differently. Therefore, the details of coverage depending on where you choose to live. Universal healthcare in Canada covers basic healthcare services only. Individuals living in Canada without citizen or permanent resident status will have to pay for all types of medical services using their hard-earned money unless they decide to go for private insurance. Most temporary residents are required by immigration agencies to get private health insurance for as long as they stay in the nation. There are a few options available to temporary residents namely:

  • Purchasing a cover from a private insurance
  • Getting health insurance from their employers if they work
  • Registering for insurance through the university if they are studying

In case of an emergency, every province will provide international students health insurance for free medical services even if the individual doesn’t have a health card from the government. However, there are some restrictions on the services that the individual will get depending on their immigration status.

Provincial healthcare services

1.     Alberta

International students studying in Alberta for more than six months can access provincial health insurance coverage through the Alberta Insurance Plan. Keep in mind that this only covers basic services, not including prescription and dental care. If you cannot obtain this cover, you should consider purchasing a private plan. Through an agent or insurance company.

2.     British Columbia

If you have been considering studying in the province for more than six months, you can get covered by British Columbia’s plan. You must apply for it immediately after you arrive here. It will take around three months for your application to be processed. Learners from abroad can invest in healthcare assignment help and extended health coverage to supplement the medical plan offered by the province. Most learning institutions have the insurance plans that college learners need. If you aren’t eligible for any plan, you have to invest in private health care.

3.     Manitoba

Students from abroad in Manitoba have to be covered under Manitoba’s Health Plan. The plan only covers medical services that might be expensive for foreigners such as x-rays and doctor appointments.

4.     New Brunswick

Learners from abroad who meet all the requirements can receive coverage from this province. To access it, you have to be enrolled at an educational institution in New Brunswick full-time for not less than one academic year. Since you’ll only get basic coverage, you need to explore what the teaching institution offers and other options available to make informed decisions.

International student’s guide to healthcare and health insurance in canada


There are many other provinces that we’ve not covered in this article. If you are thinking of studying in those provinces, you need to find out more about health insurance for international students canada available to make the right decision. In Canada, every province has different plans and requirements. Conducting extensive research will save you in the long run. You should also seek expert help in case you have a hard time understanding some concepts. If you don’t feel comfortable with the education plans provided by the learning institution or province, you can always invest in private insurance.

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