How to Free Up More Time in the Day

Time is, most unfortunately, one aspect of life that cannot be changed, edited or slowed down, and as such, making the most of each moment and enjoying spending your time in a way you see fit represents true freedom.

How to free up more time in the day

Finding the time to dedicate to yourself and your own interests and passions can be more than a little difficult in the modern world. Therefore, in an effort to help, you should continue reading to learn how to free up more time in the day.

Practice Saying ‘No

First off, you may well be one of those kind and generous people who will always help out a friend or family member in need. Whether they are moving house and need help or going through a crisis at work and need emotional support, you need to know you are not under contractual obligation.

From this moment on think for a second before you automatically fill your calendar with commitments to help loved ones. Consider carefully whether you can still take care of yourself and your own needs and wants, before you look after theirs.

Furthermore, if one of your many responsibilities involves the day-to-day running of your home, then outsource some of the tasks to other members of your household.

Take Advantage of the Internet

How to free up more time in the day

There are, undeniably, more than a few downsides to the invention and subsequent takeover of the internet and the online world, and as each year goes by, more and more people are turning away from social media.

However, when it comes to saving time and, more importantly, having more time for yourself, utilizing the speed and efficiency of various online services, such as Chemist Click Online Pharmacy for medicines or flower delivery services for relatives’ birthdays, is a fantastic help.

Providing you have your internet security settings turned up to maximum and have similarly high security on your smartphone and tablet, another considerably efficient choice would be to start internet banking, as long as you remember the following:

  • Always shut down and log out of your internet banking application or browser
  • Ensure that the password you use is unique to one bank
  • Reject the option for your computer to save your pin and password
  • Under no circumstances log onto internet banking using a public Wi-Fi connection

Commuting Time is ‘You Time Too

Finally, the third suggestion in this article for people who want to take back even a little of the precious time they are currently giving to others is to consider your commute to work, the gym, or driving to the superstore as your time too.

Investing in a Spotify account, for example, and creating a personalized playlist of your favorite tunes to play on the drive to work serves to relax you.

For train commuters with a longer journey, bring along that book you have always meant to read but have never previously gotten around to, or stick your headphones on and listen to the audio version instead!

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