6 Tips to Pack Your House Plants Before Moving to a New Place

Shifting to a new place is a tough decision. It is not only emotionally challenging but physically exhausting as well. Packing all your stuff can take hours or even days, depending on how many items you have stored in your home. From sofa sets to beds, clothes, and plants, there are many things one needs to transport to their new place. 

6 tips to pack your house plants before moving to a new place

Amongst all these things, some items need to be handled with care, or they might break during the shifting process. For example, your plants are one of those items that require extra care. If you don’t pack them properly, they might break or get damaged.

Growing these plants might have taken years, and a small mistake could waste all your effort. So follow these tips to pack your plants before moving to a new place. That way, all your precious plants remain safe. You will only need to pull them out of packing and place them in your new garden.

Consider Opting for Services of Moving Companies

You can safely transport maximum plants to a new location by hiring moving companies. All you need to do is Google the best long distance moving companies, and you will have a complete list. These firms have professionals who pack each plant with care. Sometimes, you can make mistakes while packing, causing the pots to break during transportation.

Instead of taking chances, it’s always better to opt for professionals. They have experience in packing various items, including plants. Moreover, they do things quickly. The process that takes you hours could be completed by them in minutes. 

Especially when it comes to longer distances or moving to another state, you should only trust moving companies. They make sure your plants and every other belonging are delivered to your new address without any damage.

Re-Potting Fragile Pots

Your plants are not as strong as other pieces of furniture. Unlike your sofa and seats, there is no guarantee that these plants will survive the shift. The worst part, the chances of damage increase if plants are in ceramic pots.

So, don’t try transporting plants in ceramic or fragile pots. Instead, choose to re-pot such plants in plastic or metal pots. Choose a material that won’t break easily. If you take these steps a few weeks before the shift, your plants won’t experience any unwanted shocks.

In case you plan on taking a ceramic potted plant to your new home, wrap it in bubble wrap and keep it in a box. That way, the plant will remain safe.

Maintain Your Plants Before the Move

Plants in poor condition are difficult to move around. Especially if you plan to move to another place, these plants might not be able to survive. So if you want to take your plants to your new residence, you must ensure they are in good condition.

Give the best treatment to your plants before moving them. For example, keep your plants well-watered and provide them with as much sunlight as they require. You could even clean the leaves of every plant with a mild dish soap solution. That way, bugs and dust won’t settle on leaves. However, dry all the leaves before packing them.

Similarly, pruning and providing fertilizers to your plants keep them in shape. Well-maintained house plants are easier to transport to far-fetched areas.

6 tips to pack your house plants before moving to a new place

Pack Smaller Plants in Sturdy Moving Boxes

For packing tiny pots, keep in mind that they need to be handled gently. Place each small plant in a separate box. Make a few holes in the box to allow air to flow in and out. These miniature plants won’t be able to survive in a box if they don’t get enough air.

Once you have placed your pot in a box, cover its top and sides with bubble wrap or crumpled paper. The packaging prevents the base from cracking.

Pack Large Plants in Packing Paper

Your garden will have all sorts of plants, and some of them might be massive in size. These plants have different packing requirements than smaller plants, and you must understand them.

If you need to shift a large plant, wrap them in cones of packing paper. Make sure the packing is of the same height as the plant. Once you wrap them tightly, put them in an open container. These steps keep large plants upright and in shape. Furthermore, this kind of packaging protects against harsh weather conditions.

You could also add peat moss to every potting mix for larger plants. It will help hold all the moisture in the soil and prevent your car from getting messier.

Trim your Plants before Packing Them

Another great tip is to trim your plants before shifting them. Timely trimming keeps plants healthy, and plants in good health survive transportation. So, cut down dead branches and leaves to keep your plants in good shape. When you remove all the waste from the plant, it has more energy.

Moreover, trimmed plants are easier to move from one place to another. So, inspect each plant before packing and loading them. 

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