Using the GoDaddy Online Store Builder

The GoDaddy Online Store Builder is incredibly easy to get started with. And for a nominal price, you can quickly get your products online and listed for sale. I had been hemming and hawing about completing different pieces of my own online store, so when I discovered the GoDaddy Online Store Builder, I was intrigued. Especially with all the different integrations readily available I was struggling to figure out how to setup.

Using the godaddy online store builder

This is a play-by-play guide on how I setup my store and my thoughts on using it.

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Initial Setup

Godaddy online store builder landing page

Click on Start for Free and the builder will help you with your store’s initial setup using a quick-start guide.

Godaddy online store builder main goals

Select your main goals to allow the store builder to setup additional features or pages.

Godaddy online store builder how to sell

Whether you are selling online, in person, or existing marketplaces, GoDaddy allows you to choose whatever is most appropriate.

Godaddy online store builder purchase

At the time of writing this, I purchased a year in advance using their existing promotion, which makes this quite the steal and a no-brainer.

Publishing Your Store

Godaddy online store builder published godaddysites

After purchasing, I was able to click publish for my store and go live. I wanted to use the free GoDaddy domain to host my store at, which I could then link to from my existing site.

If you want to host everything on your site, the Store Builder also allows for that kind of extensive functionality.

All in all, going from initial setup, to purchase, and publishing took less than 15 minutes, and I was taking screenshots and notes to write this up the whole time.

Godaddy online store builder congrats its live
Godaddy online store builder published v1

The first version of my store is immediately impressive. There is a spot to connect my Instagram feed, and a live chat feature. The ease of setting up is already a delight.

Connecting and Integrating Services

Going back to editing the page, I wanted to begin connecting the various third party integrations, social media, etc available.

My Instagram was already setup as a business account, which made connecting super fast and easy. Options including a layout like the one I chose, or 12 stacked images in a grid.

Adding Products

Godaddy online store builder add products

If you already have products listed in a store somewhere, GoDaddy provides some ready integrations with these services:

  • Square
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Google Shopping
  • Walmart
  • CSV Files
  • GoDaddy In Person Catalog

Or, you can start by adding products from scratch using the GoDaddy tools.

Godaddy online store builder add physical product

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