Looking Back: Tiny House Concepts & Building Process

The other day, I was scrolling through a notebook that I’ve been using for my to-do lists. I scrolled back a few extra pages and saw a doodle of our house design. This house layout ended up being very similar to how our house turned out, which is crazy thinking that we had that vision one year …

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Our DIY Tiny House is Finished!

The tiny house by will and alicia

Our tiny home on wheels is finished! YAY! Why start blogging about it now? Well, yes, I suppose we are doing this backwards, as most people dedicate their blog to the experience of building their tiny house. We tried to blog while building, sharing as we progressed in early/mid 2015, but we became overwhelmed with it all, …

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Our Tiny House Origin Story

Out Tiny House Origin Story is one of EPIC proportions!Well, maybe? I think it’s an origin story more about us waking up, realizing that the traditional “American dream” isn’t all that dreamy after all. Our trailer is ordered and will be here mid-April with the intention of getting started right away on the build. Our …

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Come Inside Our Epic Tiny Home

Welcome to the inside of our tiny house! Let’s take a look at some of the many custom features we have built into this incredible space. We knew there had to be some sacrifices made living in a tiny home, but these tiny home perks make us feel like we haven’t sacrificed much. Some of …

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Pet Friendly Tiny House: Helping Our Cat Feel At Home

Bucket and mr. Epic in their epic tiny home

When you’re building a tiny house, it’s important not to forget about the furry members of your family (and no, I’m not referring to Uncle Frank). Here’s how we made our tiny home pet friendly: Our little baby boy and tiny house pet is named Bucket. He’s most definitely our child because he demands so much attention! …

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Simple Tiny Home Storage Couch Bed Tutorial

We designed this custom storage couch with our budget and unique storage needs in mind for living comfortably in our tiny house. The finished product allows for ample storage, both behind the back rest and within the ottomans that slide underneath the bench of the couch. For overnight guests, the couch converts effortlessly to a full size …

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Laundry in a Tiny House: Pros & Cons

Doing laundry in a tiny house

One of the first questions people ask me AFTER “You really live in a tiny house?” is, “But how do you do your laundry in a tiny house?“ Well, there are actually a few options when it comes to laundry in a tiny house. Let’s check out the pro’s and con’s of each option: Wash your …

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Tiny House Propane Stove Options

Tiny house propane cooktops

While researching how to design our tiny house kitchen, we discovered that there were a lot of tiny house propane stove options out there. We narrowed down the list by asking ourselves these key questions: Do we want two or four burners? How much space are we going to have for the Tiny House Propane …

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