Native Flowers for Butterflies in

Native Flowers for Butterflies in


 Planting native plants in our yards is just one small thing we can do to maintain a healthy ecosystem and support local pollinators. When planning your garden or landscaping project, select for plants that will attract butterflies to your yard!

This large shrub or small tree is commonly found in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It is often visited by echo azure butterflies, monarchs, and the bay checkerspot butterfly. 

california buckeye

Coyote mint

This perennial herb produces clusters of bright flowers that attract many native insects. They require little water and will attract many colorful native moths and butterflies to your yard. 

No. 2

Also known as wild hyacinth, these drought-tolerant plants with blue-purple flowers attract both hummingbirds and butterflies, including swallowtails and monarchs.

blue dicks / purpleheads

california buckwheat

This native shrub is easy to grow and drought tolerant. A variety of native butterflies and moths visit this plant, including acmon blues, mormon metalmarks, and square-spotted blues.

No. 4

There are multiple species of California native yerba santa plants that grow in a variety of habitats. You will see swallowtails, brown elfins and ,many moths visit the flowers on this plant. 

yerba santa


You've probably heard about milkweed's important relationship to monarch butterflies, but there are many species of milkweed that support other native butterflies and moths. 

No. 6

Visit MK Library to discover more native flowers for attracting beautiful butterflies and moths in the Sacramento area!