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The Best Restaurants in Oakland

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The Oakland food scene has grown exponentially over the years, and diversity has always been at the root of its success. These are just a few great eateries throughout Oakland's many neighborhoods. 

comfort food

Everett & Jones Barbeque

Produce and Waterfront

Off-white Location

This barbecue and comfort food restaurant is a must-try when you visit Oakland. The smokey barbecue and southern sides are like a comforting hug of a meal. The dishes are well seasoned and incredibly flavorful.

elevated Oaxacan cuisine

Agave Uptown


Off-white Location

Agave Uptown serves excellent authentic Oaxacan cuisine. If you appreciate rich molé and high-quality mezcal, this is the place to come. 

American cuisine 



Off-white Location

When you visit this trendy establishment, be sure to try the delicious beignets and braised pork belly benedict.

From Michelin star restaurants to unassuming dine-ins and food trucks, there is an abundance of great food throughout Oakland. Visit MK Library to discover more top-notch restaurants.

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