2024 Carrizo Plain Super Bloom

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The Carrizo Plain

This 250,000-acre sprawling plain located north of Los Padres National Forest is the single largest native grassland remaining in California.

When to Visit the Monument 

The bloom usually begins in March or early April. By mid-June, most flowers have dried or wilted.

Wildflower Hotspots in Carrizo Plain




Soda Lake Road just south of the Visitor Center

Near Traver Ranch 

Simmler Road 


Temblor Mountain Range

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Visit

You will NOT find food, water, or fuel in the Carrizo Plain National Monument. Fuel up in neighboring communities before you visit. 

Wildflowers you may see in Carrizo Plain: 

Hillside Daisies Valley Phacillia Owl’s Clover  Tidy Tips Lemon’s Mustard Desert Candle

The Carrizo Plain has been the site of super blooms in the past. 

Will this year prove a good year for wildflowers?

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