Top 5 Coffee Shops in Sacramento


The independent Sacramento coffee scene is a vibrant mix of third-wave, eclectic, minimalist, and community-oriented cafés.

In addition to coffee, each shop offers something unique, from their aesthetic, food options, location, or overall vibes. These are my picks for the best coffee shops in Sacramento.


With multiple locations throughout the Sacramento region, you have many opportunities to experience Temple Coffee's high-quality roasts, skilled baristas and aesthetically pleasing shops. 

Temple Coffee

Chocolate Fish coffee shops are straight-forward spots for excellently roasted coffee, great chai lattes, and delicious avocado toast. 


Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Goodside Coffee in Mansion Flats is a modern open-plan coffee shop providing high-quality coffee drinks in a welcoming and minimalistic atmosphere.


Goodside Coffee

Scorpio Coffee in Midtown has artfully-plated bites, a modern Japanese-inspired space, and top-notch coffee drinks. Try the bouquet latte with lavender, rose, and chamomile.


Scorpio Coffee

Camellia Coffee Roasters in Downtown makes high-quality espresso and syrups. Their horchata lattes are delicious, and they cook up some of the best breakfast sandwiches in Sac.


Camellia Coffee Roasters

Visit MK Library for the complete list of top-tier coffee shops in Sacramento!