Siskiyou County


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Most people know Mount Shasta is the crown jewel of Siskiyou County, but few are aware of the many lesser-known hidden gems waiting to be discovered throughout this unique Northern California landscape. 

From uncharted tunnels and caves to rivers and overflowing waterfalls, unassuming parks and trails, a journey through Siskiyou is an adventure you must experience.

This park offers several miles of easy hiking trails around a serene reservoir.  Located just 1.5 miles off the I-5, this is a low-key place to have a picnic and take in the sunset.

Greenhorn Park

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

This serene sculpture garden is full of iron sculptures that pay tribute to the American armed forces.

Located within 136 acres of the Klamath National Forest and overlooking Mount Shasta, this is an amazing spot to meander through mountain trails and take in unique works of art within a natural setting.

Pluto’s Cave in Montague

Pluto’s Cave is a lava tube that extends about a mile underground. This is a great cave for beginner cavers or casual adventurers, as it doesn’t require crawling or squeezing through  tight spots.

As you walk towards Pluto’s Cave, you will find incredible views of Mount Shasta, the Whaleback, Herd Peak, Sheep Rock, and surrounding ranches dotted with old and twisted Juniper trees. You will need a flashlight to explore deep into the cave.  

Sacramento River Headwaters  in Mount Shasta

Water emerges from this spring after filtering through granite for more than 50 years via the volcanic Big Springs Aquifer.

Even though the water is officially "unsafe" to drink, people have been coming here for years to fill their water jugs and bottles directly from the spring’s source.

Castle Lake near Mount Shasta

Nestled within the Trinity mountains, southwest of Mount Shasta and North of the Castle Crags, this glacial lake is quite picturesque any time of the year.

The Castle Lake area is great for trout fishing, bird watching, kayaking, star gazing, row boating, rafting, during the warmer months. During winter, snowshoeing and ice fishing are very popular.  

McCloud Falls in McCloud

McCloud Falls features three different falls – Upper, Middle, and Lower. The best time to visit is during spring, when the river is roaring from the snowmelt. 

Each tier of the waterfall has a parking lot and a short walk to viewing platforms, or you can walk the River Loop Trail to view each of the falls.

Mossbrae Falls in Dunsmuir

Mossbrae Falls is technically off limits to tourists. If you decide to take the risk and visit, you'll discover an otherworldly and expansive moss-covered waterfall. 

Much of the flow is hidden behind the flora, but you will see water falling from nearly 50 feet high and spanning a length of about 175 feet.  

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