Plants That Don't Attract


For those with bee allergies or insect phobias, here are some plants that won't attract bees. A few will even repel them! 

Plants to avoid

– Lavender – Hyssop – Chamomile – Beebalm – Sage – Basil – Rosemary – Thyme

Bees aren't fans of red geraniums because they can’t see the color red. These flowers also contain very little pollen and have a repellant citronella-like scent.



Citronella (distilled from the Asian grass, Cymbopogon nardu) is known deterring both mosquitos and bees. This plant should not be confused for the closely related lemongrass plant (Cymbopogon citratus), which can actually attract bees. 

No. 2

Feverfew is a perennial that closely resembles daisies. Widely used for medicinal purposes, this potent flower produces a strong scent (slightly citrusy) that actively repels bees. 



Wormwood emits a pungent scent that repels a variety of creatures including bees, deer, ticks and mites. 

No. 4

Cucumber plants have been known to keep bees, wasps, and even ants away. People assume that the bitterness of the cucumber peels keep these insects at bay.


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