Beautiful Dogwood Trees for Your Yard

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There are many  dogwood tree species that change beautifully with each season. Here are my top picks for dogwoods to incorporate into your landscape or yard.

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The flowering Dogwood tree bursts into pink and white blooms in late winter or early spring and is followed by lush green foliage.

Flowering Dogwood  

Cornus florida

The Kousa Dogwood grows to be a small tree or shrub. It produces yellowish-green flowers in spring and light red berries in summer. In the fall, its leaves turn a deep red color.

Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa

Pacific dogwoods grow much taller than most dogwoods. Like the flowering dogwood, this tree is beautiful in all seasons, with large white flowers in the spring and yellow, orange, or red leaves in the fall.

Pacific / Mountain Dogwood

Cornus nuttallii

The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is a shrub-like tree that produces edible cornelian cherries. Small, dense groups of yellow flowers bloom in early spring before the leaves emerge.

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Cornus mas

Dogwoods are usually propagated by taking stem cuttings from an existing tree and rooting them. The best time to take cuttings is in late spring, after the first bloom.

Complete Propagation Instructions

How to Propagate Dogwood Cuttings 

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Can people eat dogwood fruit?

Some species of dogwood fruit are sweet and edible, while others are not. Cornus Capitata fruit is not considered to be edible, while Kousa Dogwood berries are edible and taste somewhat like a less-sweet mango.