Craft Cocktail recipes for halloween


Free of dyes and pyrotechnics, these dreadfully-deliciously Halloween cocktail recipes do not compromise on quality or taste. Sipping on one of these beverages is sure to put you in the spooky spirit!

fright night in the grove 

Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice lends a pop of bright citrus flavors to a dreadfully-delightful combination of Jägermeister and tequila.


hocus pocus 

The Hocus Pocus balances out sweet vermouth and orange Curaçao liqueur with a touch of bittersweet Fernet Branca.


Royal haunt

Cassis liqueur adds a bit of royal, or blood, color, and a few dashes of walnut bitters rounds out the flavor profile for a well-balanced cocktail.


reanimated pirate

With coffee-infused rum and a hint of vanilla, the Reanimated Pirate  is similar to an elevated Rum Chata. 


a wicked thing

Serve over ice with a burned orange peel. For a great bourbon-tequila pairing, choose a tequila with strong vanilla notes.


death in the afternoon

Absinthe and anise-flavor lovers will kill for the Death in the Afternoon cocktail, a drink with a unique and refreshing licorice flavor profile.


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