What Does A Man Need To Feel Loved?

Very few things are as satisfying as knowing someone genuinely appreciates and loves you. Men have for the longest time been ignored in relationships. Most societies have always looked at men as givers. They are supposed to show love to their women and families. They are supposed to be tough and protectors. The truth, however, is that men yearn for love too. They need to feel noticed and cherished. 

Here are 5 things that every man needs to feel loved.

What does a man need to feel loved
  1. Gift

Complement your words and actions with a few presents. There are plenty of gift ideas for men. However, as the guys at ManlyManco.com point out, adding a personal touch to the present makes it more special. This basically means customizing the gift to address your man.

Instead of buying a standard wristwatch, come up with a special quote and have it engraved in the leather. The same thing can be done with other presents like bracelets, wallets, etc. You can even make him a wall art of lyrics from his favorite song or a quote from his favorite movie.

  1. Affection

Affection is critical to human beings in general. We all need expressions of love, especially from the people we care about. 

You can show your man affection in several ways, and most of the time, it’s the little things that matter the most. Give him long, tight hugs as frequently as possible. Hugs are an expression of love, and when you make them long enough, the recipient will know that it’s not an ordinary hug. It’s a representation of something deeper you feel for him.

Hold his hand when you are out in the mall or grocery store – men crave that touch just as much as women do. Kiss his hand, face, and forehead whenever you can. 

Words are also very powerful. Show your affection by expressing yourself. Don’t assume that he knows you love or miss him. Make sure he knows by speaking out the words when you meet up at home after a long day. If you can, send him a text during your work break and tell him how you cannot wait to see him again later in the evening. You can even send a random goofy video. The spontaneity will leave him smiling at his phone, and it might just be what he needs to get through the day.

  1. Compliments

Women are not the only ones who love compliments. Men, too, feel happy when some of their qualities are recognized. Tell him he usually looks hot every time he comes back sweaty after his morning jog. Tell him how gorgeous he is wearing that fitting pull neck. Make sure he knows that you love his scent.

Compliments work so much better when they are specific. For instance, instead of telling him he looks good every time he comes back after a workout, pick out a specific trait, e.g., say you love how the veins in his hands pop out when he comes from the gym. Rather than saying he looks good in that shirt, tell him how it goes so well with his eyes and wristwatch.  

Make ordinary compliments feel special by adding the small details that are usually overlooked.

  1. Support
What does a man need to feel loved

Support coming from the people one cares about is very important. Other than making someone feel special and loved, it also serves as a motivation to work harder.

Acknowledge your man’s efforts and support him. Tell him you see how hard he works every day and that you appreciate it and are willing to help where possible. 

In addition to professional support, you should also have his back when it comes to hobbies and other little things that he cares about. Don’t rebuke him for spending some guy-time woodworking in the garage. Make him some iced tea instead. 

Emotional support is also critical. There will be moments when there is nothing else you can do but be there for him emotionally. Make sure he knows that he can always talk to you. 

Be his anchor.

  1. Listened To

Listen to your man every time he’s trying to hold a conversation. Put away that smartphone and listen to him. This is a show of love and respect. 

It’s good to create a conducive atmosphere for regular heart-to-heart communication. It makes everyone feel valued.

Making a man feel loved is not as hard as it may sound. The little things like compliments and affection go a long way. You can also get him a sentimental present that will serve as a constant reminder of your strong love for him.

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