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The Best Ramen in Sacramento

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These Sacramento ramen restaurants have it all: High-quality ingredients, great service, and inviting atmospheres. You can’t go wrong grabbing a bowl of ramen at one of these top-tier Japanese eateries.

Ramen House Tenjin


Off-white Location

The outside of Ramen House Tenjin may be unassuming, but their house-made ramen is anything but. You can’t go wrong with their classic smooth and savory Shoyu Ramen with pork and a soft-boiled egg.

Umami Ramen

Natoma Station

Off-white Location

Umami Ramen is one of the newest ramen restaurants in the greater Sacramento area. Not only is the ramen delicious, but the service is quick and the portions are generous. Try the tonkatsu ramen and an appetizer of takoyaki octopus.

Ryujin Ramen House


Off-white Location

Ryujin Ramen House has become a go-to ramen spot for many Sacramentans because of their quick service and reliably flavorful ramen dishes. When you visit, be sure to try their Black Tonkotsu ramen with pork.

Fukumi Ramen


Off-white Location

Fukumi Ramen has a trendy dining atmosphere and top-notch ramen. With broths that are cooked over the course of a few days and different-sized noodles with the perfect texture, you can truly taste how much they care about the quality of their ramen.

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