2023 Mount Diablo state park super bloom

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Will we see a super bloom on mount diablo this year?

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When to See Wildflowers on Mount Diablo

Wildflowers are currently blooming on Mount Diablo! Most will likely be gone by the end of April, so plan your visit soon.

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

The Best Trails in Mount Diablo State Park to view Wildflowers




Donner Creek Loop Trail

Mount Diablo Grand Loop Trail

Secret Valley Loop

Wildflowers you may find

Blue skullcap Sanicula Johnny jump-ups Bush lupine Monkey flowers Globe lilies California poppies Bird’s eyes Wallflower Baby blue eyes Larkspur Hill star

2023 wildflower outlook

As of February, it is likely that we will see an above-average wildflower bloom on Mount Diablo this year.

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

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Dashed Trail