2023  California Super Bloom Guide

wildflower hotspots

Here are some MK Library's top California spots to catch wildflowers in bloom. 

eastern sierras

The best time to catch wildflowers blooming in this region is from late May to July

No. 1

Orange tiger lilies Yellow mule’s ears Golden mustard Scarlet gilia Blue lupine Purple wild iris Rosy desert peach

Townsend daisy Limestone aster White and blue lupine Anderson’s larkspur Yellow hawksbeard Coville’s phlox

Blue skullcap Fendler’s meadow-rue  Johnny-jump-ups Bush lupine Monkey flowers Globe lilies California poppies Bird’s eyes

North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

This expansive near Oroville attracts wildflower enthusiasts during the blooming season, from early March to mid-May.

No. 3

Antelope Valley State Park

Located north of Los Angeles, this reserve has become famous for its rolling hills of poppies. Peak bloom occurs from mid-March to mid-April

No. 4

Anza-Borrego State Park

This So-Cal state park comes alive with wildflowers from mid-February to mid-May

No. 5

Death Valley National Park

Blooming occurs between mid-February to mid-July, with lower elevations blooming first (if at all), followed by higher elevation flora later.

No. 6

Carrizo Plain National Monument

This 250,000-acre sprawling plain is a wildflower hotspot in the spring. The bloom usually peaks sometime in late March or early April.

No. 7