Lake Clementine – A Guide to Explore, Adventure, and Relax


Hidden on the North Fork of the American River in the Auburn State Recreation Area, Lake Clementine is one of the most beautifully serene kayaking spots I’ve paddled at throughout Northern California. The entire body of water which makes up Lake Clementine is exceptional, but for paddling, swimming, and lounging around, Upper takes the cake. Make it a day trip and discover why this is one of California’s hidden gems.

Lake Clementine water is clear to the bottom

Quiet, secluded, and only open seasonally, this is a true hidden gem. With the hot summer in full swing, I’ve been exploring different locations to take my lake kayaks and explore nature from the water. The water around Upper Lake Clementine is absolutely stunning and the perfect temperature to swim or wade in.

Note: this is for the Upper Lake Clementine area and not Lower Lake Clementine, which is beautiful as well, but better for boating, camping, and hiking to the bottom of the dam.

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Upper Lake Clementine is the place to be if you want to lounge in the river amongst floatation devices, paddleboarders, families, and the occasional kayaking blogger. Ahem.

Kayaking Upper Lake Clementine

Kayaking Info

Location: Lake Clementine California State Park near Foresthill (Google Maps Directions)

Parking: $10

Distance: 4 miles (total kayaking potential from launch point)

Difficulty: Easy

Dogs: Not allowed

Gear: Lake Kayak | Life Jacket Type III | Sunscreen | UPF Protectant Hat | Adventure Medical Kit (Watertight) | Osprey Talon 22 Daypack | Waterproof Dry Bag

Getting There, Hours, and Parking

Directions, hours, and parking for the Upper Lake Clementine beach

2020 Lake Clementine Hours

Normally would be open in May – closed due to COVID-19 or until further notice.

Upper Lake Clementine

  • Open seasonally May 3rd to Oct. 13th

  • October 1st through October 13th Open Weekends Only

  • October 13th closed for the 2019 Season with no vehicle access

  • Daily Operating hours when open:  8am to 7pm

Lower Lake Clementine

  • 8am to sunset year round

Lake Clementine Boat In Campground

  • May 1st to September 30th (Reservations required May 15 to Sept. 15)

Upper Lake Clementine is a California State Park and is only open from May 1 through October 15, and closed for winter. Part of the North Fork American River, this Northern Sierra Mountains gem is open to the public with fairly easy accessibility.

Ruck-A-Chucky Campground

  • Driver’s Flat Road will open early May based on road improvement and construction projects.

China Bar

  • Open Friday through Monday, 8am to Sunset year around.


Google Maps Directions

Parking and entry to Lake Clementine State Park is $10. California State Parks allow you to use the same pass within multiple park the same day, so you could easily go from Upper to Lower and not pay twice.

Upper Lake Clementine is located off the Auburn-Foresthill road, 7.3 miles off I80. Upon turning onto Upper Lake Clementine Road, you will have 1.5 miles of steep switchback dirt roads in mediocre to very poor condition, depending on washouts and rain. If your vehicle has low clearance or your tires suck, proceed with extreme caution. I saw a variety of vehicles loaded down with passengers and gear in the small parking lot, but I can’t imagine they had fun getting up or down. The speed limit may be 15mph, but good luck exceeding 5-10mph. The dirt road is one lane with steep drop offs and ditches in many areas, so remember to look ahead and be courteous to other drivers.

The parking lot is small and will fill fast – you will want to arrive before 11am if you want to find a spot and not be turned away at the gate.

The park closes at 7pm officially, but park rangers will follow the last car up at 6:40pm sharp, locking the gate behind them. If you don’t make it, you will be stuck overnight and issued a big fat ticket.

Porta Potties are plentiful and well maintained.

The big no-no’s:

  • Don’t bring in glass.
  • No alcohol.

Effective July 1st to October 31st no charcoal barbecues are permitted within Auburn State Recreation Area with the exception of legally occupied campgrounds and the Lower Lake Clementine Boat-In Day Use beach. All charcoal and ash used in those areas must be deposited in campground fire rings or the hot ash receptacle at Lower Lake Clementine. Liquid fuel cooking devices, including propane fueled barbecues, may be used in areas without flammable material 15 feet in all directions. A violation of this order may result in fines of $480.00.

This is a very clean family friendly environment. Pack out what you bring in.

Spotting Wildlife

Upper Lake Clementine is highly trafficked, so while animal sightings are going to be extremely rare, you will see the occasional black tailed deer and rabbits during the daytime, while raccoons, opossums, gray foxes and coyotes can be seen at night. Black bears, rattlesnakes, mountain lions and bobcats all live in the area.

Birding will find you a host California quail, canyon wrens, red tailed hawks, and bald eagles.

Identifying Plants

Along the lake’s edge, you will see no shortage of blackberries in between white alders, willows, Fremont cottonwoods, and creek dogwoods. Poison oak dots the foothills alongside buckeyes, interior live oaks, blue oaks, manzanita bushes, deer brush, and tonyons. Conifers spotted include Ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, California black oaks, and madrones.

Spring flowers are abundant with monkey flowers, fiddleneck, Indian paintbrush, larkspur, lupine, and brodiaea.

Upper Lake Clementine

Distance to kayak Upper Lake Clementine

The main beach stretches along the parking lot and slightly beyond, with plenty of room for popup tents and coolers while keeping a decent sized buffer from neighbors. The American River moves very slowly in this area, stopped by the Lake Clementine Spillway dam. However, there are a few areas near bends where water moves swiftly and in eddies. I kayaked over one of the eddies for fun and was surprised by how strong it ended up being in such slow moving water.

Kayaking in Lake Clementine

It was a lot of fun kayaking upriver. Paddling fast to move through currents, occasionally getting out and walking the kayak, and nearly dumping myself from fooling around. The effort was worth finding a big open beach area with few people. For the return, I took it easy, slowly drifting down and watching people jump off rocks and families lounge in the shallows. At one point, I found a pair of prescription sunglasses, which I nabbed and returned to the entrance. If you are reading this and lost yours, they might be waiting for you!

The water at the parking lot side is very shallow and warm – perfect for younger kids or sitting with a chair in the water. Across the river are a ton of rocks people were jumping off into deep water.

If you kayak or walk downriver from the main beach, there are plenty of somewhat secluded areas big enough for one group to setup at and enjoy. We ended up tying our kayaks to a tree branch about 20 feet into the river.

Floating in Lake Clementine

Kayaking upriver from the launch point is a bit trickier. The river runs a little faster, and requires getting out and walking the kayaks in some of the shallow spots.

Upper Lake Clementine rock beach

There are plenty of neat beaches to pull up to and lounge away from the many more people closer to the parking lot.

Someone setup a really awesome rope swing into a big deep swimming pool.

Rope swing at Upper Lake Clementine

With around 4 miles of kayaking potential in nice and easy slow moving waters, Upper Lake Clementine has made my list of awesome kayaking spots in Northern California. Plenty of shade, wildlife, and clean water. Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a rope swing with my name on it. Cowabunga!

Lower Lake Clementine

Lower Lake Clementine

Lower Lake Clementine is the only part of the lake which is for boat access. The water is often very calm, which makes for some great boating. From water skiing to wake boarding and wake surfing, its easy to spend hours on the water here.

Wake Surfing at Lower Lake Clementine

Unlike Upper Lake Clementine, Lower is open all year, from 8am to sunset.

If you are partaking in watersports, there is a list of rules worth noting.

  • Water-ski and boating in a counter clockwise direction only.
  • Maximum speed on the lake is 40 MPH.
  • Maximum speed within buoyed areas is 5 MPH.
  • No wake allowed at the ramp, marina, and camping areas.
  • Swimming and water-skiing is prohibited in Marina Area.
  • Beach starts are prohibited.
  • Personal flotation devices, fire extinguishers and other normal required safety equipment must be onboard.
  • No parasailing.
  • No power boats upstream of regulatory buoy stating “No Power Boats”.
  • No towed inflatables allowed in the ski zone. Towed inflatables may be used in the campground as swim platforms only.
  • Dogs are not permitted within the boundaries of Lower Lake Clementine.
  • No garbage removal provided; pack it in, pack it out!


Camping is allowed at Lower Lake Clementine through boat-in only. With up to 8 people per campsite for 1-7 days, this is an incredible way to get to your campground.

Upper Lake Clementine Camping Sites

Lake Clementine Hike

The Lake Clementine Hike is immensely popular. I’ve done it multiple times. From walking under the famous Forest Hill Bridge to beautiful scenery and swimming holes along the way, this hike is worth doing, if you have no plans to boat at Lake Clementine but want to visit.

There is a self pay kiosk, sometimes manned by a ranger who can dispense change.

There are multiple trailheads in the immediate area – make sure you pick the correct one unless you like long detours.

Lake Clementine Hike Starting Point


Lake Clementine Hiking trail takes you under the Foresthill Bridge


Green foliage and boulders along the hiking trail


Lake Clementine Dam at the end of the trail


Lake Clementine – California Adventure

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  1. I’d never heard of Lake Clementine before but it looks absolutely beautiful! I love how crystal clear the water is. Kayaking is one of my favorite water activities but since we’ve moved to Florida, I’ve been nervous with the gators and snakes around. This looks like a perfect spot for me.

  2. This California adventure post and images are absolutely fabulous! My husband and I live in Northern CA, but can you believe we’d never heard of Upper Lake Clementine until now? I’m so excited that this location is now on our radar. We enjoy taking road trips, going on new adventures and experiencing all the beauty the Golden State has to offer. Thank you so so much for sharing this great information!


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