The DIY Tiny House Build is Finished

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the tiny house by will and alicia

Our tiny house is finished! YAY!

tiny house stairs
Tiny House Stairs, finished

Why start blogging about it now? Well, yes, I suppose we are doing this backwards, as most people out there blog about their experience while building their tiny house. We tried to blog while building, sharing as we progressed in early/mid 2015 but we became overwhelmed with it all, so we nixed it until now.

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Yes, our tiny house is “done” on the inside and out… And it is pretty dang cool. Sure, there are little tweaks we’re going to adjust and change as we live in it, such as adding window trim, some additional storage shelves in the secondary loft, making some cat walk options for the Bucket (our cat), getting a couch, etc. But we’re in it and everything works! Plumbing, electrical, propane, the stairs, on and on.

tiny house cupboards
Tiny House Kitchen Cupboards, Organized

We moved all our remaining possessions into our tiny house over the past few weeks and while it’s chaotic as we’re finding places for things and making piles of things to donate and get rid of, it is very refreshing to know that it is our space, and it’s still quite roomy!  Moving into a tiny house is not pretty, but it’s just as unpretty as moving into bigger homes, too. It simply just takes time to get things into their living place and figure out what things are needed and what are not needed.

With all this, we are hoping to make some YouTube videos, along with posts about legitimate tiny house living. We want to share our experiences, talk about the struggles and successes that have come from building our house ourselves, discuss the pros, cons and in between, and so on. So keep your eyes peeled for those coming. We’re excited to live in our house and are open to discussing tiny house living with you!

tiny house exterior
Exterior of the Tiny House
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