The Most Expensive Cuts of Meat and Why You Need to Try Them

All meat lovers understand that there is a big difference in the taste of meat when it comes to the price. The cheaper the cut, the tougher it is likely to be. Evidently, most individuals’ financial budget does not always allow us to afford some of the best cuts of meat out there, and we opt to get what we can afford.

The most expensive cuts of meat and why you need to try them

However, trying out new meats, and spending some money in the process does not have to be a regular thing and can be solely done on a very special occasion. In this article, we will discuss the most expensive cuts of meat and why you need to try them.

Ayam Cemani

Ayam cemani

Chicken is a very popular dish in most cultures and is not usually associated with high-end cuts of meat. However, Ayam Cemani is a different breed of poultry that originates from Indonesia, and they have a dominant gene that results in hyperpigmentation. This means that they are completely black on the outside and on the inside. Breeding this type of chicken is extremely difficult, hence why they are among the topmost expensive cuts of meat, as a single chicken will cost you $2,500. People say that it tasted better than regular chicken, is more savory, and softer and Indonesian natives believe that the black meat offers healing properties. 

Japanese Kobe Beef

Japanese kobe beef

This particular cut of meat is considered to be one of the most expensive ones across the globe and is a type of Wagyu beef. It looks mesmerizing, and its particular marbling is one of the physical features that distinguish it from the other cuts. You can find online retailers that will be able to deliver this cut of meat to you, and it is suggested you see this review of Lobel’s Steak, to learn more about ordering meat online. The beef goes through such a firm grading process, that only around 3,000 cattle a year are considered to be authentic Kobe beef. The price of this beef will differ by location and by the restaurant but usually goes around just over $100 per pound.

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon

This cut of meat originates from the tenderloin, and experts argue that it is one of the most tender cuts out there. It is a popular steak dish in many high-end restaurants, but you can also cook it from home with delicious recipes. Because each animal only holds about 500 grams of this particular cut, making it rare, indulging in this beef can be expensive, costing an average of $25 per pound.

New York Strip

New york strip
Photo: Ted Eytan

The New York Strip steak is popularly known for its flavor. Although it may not necessarily be as tender as the cuts of meat described previously, the taste is surely one of the reasons you need to give this cut a try. This type of meat can be easily accessed from steakhouses, butchers, and even grocery stores, although it is one of the most expensive to find in these places, going for around $20 per pound.

Most of us love eating meat and we can easily tell the difference between good quality and poor, not just by the taste but also the texture. It is not always easy to afford these meats, particularly on a regular basis, but it can be possible to give it a try by ordering it online or visiting your local butchers, for a special occasion.

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