Tripp Lite Power Cord Extension Cable Price: $110.20 (as of 19/07/2019 01:10 PST- Details)

WORK THOUGH SHORT BLACKOUTS & MAINTAIN A NETWORK CONNECTION / SAVE FILES SAFELY DURING LONGER BLACKOUTS: 650VA / 350W LCD Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides up to 40 minutes of runtime for an entry level PC systems and 12 min of half-load runtime
8 OUTLETS PROTECT DESKTOPS & ALL PERIPHERALS: 4 Outlets provide UPS Power Backup & Surge Protection (for desktop, monitor, LCD, keyboard, external hard drive, wireless router, IoT device); 4 Outlets offer Surge Protection Only (ideal for printers and other electronics that are not essential in a blackout)
AVR CORRECTS BROWNOUTS & OVERVOLTAGES WITHOUT USING BATTERY POWER: Otherwise known as Automatic Voltage Regulation, this conserves battery power for critical blackouts.

TRIPP LITE OMNI650LCD 650VA Digital LCD UPS System *650VA Digital LCD UPS System * Offers protection for PCs, workstations & home entertainment systems with long-lasting battery backup support;Output power capacity: 650VA/350W; 8 outlets4 UPS/surge, 4 surge only; Automatic voltage regulation ; Up to 13.8 min half load run time; 97% efficient; Rotatable LCD indicates input voltage, battery capacity & a variety of operating conditions & rotates for easy viewing; Positions vertically or horizontally; RoHS compliant; 3-year warranty; $200,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance; * WARRANTY: TWO YEARS

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