How to Save Energy During Lockdown

Now that almost everyone is to stay at home to prevent the spread of the pandemic, people are dealing with a sudden concern of bigger electricity bills. Kids are busy playing on their gadgets, teens binge-watching shows on Netflix, and adults frequently monitoring the news. If a household can be this busy during the lockdown, you can already expect that your electricity bill for the current and upcoming months will significantly increase. To save yourself from this added burden, check the available residential plans offered by your electricity provider now.

How to save energy during lockdown

Ways to reduce electricity consumption

Lighter evenings and warmer weather can make your life easier and can also mean reduced electricity and gas usage. For now, some comparison sites predict that electricity and gas usage of an average household can increase by $19.63 per month — equivalent to $236 a year. With the demand for electricity rapidly increasing, the effects on each household can be in the form of skyrocketing electricity prices per kilowatt-hour.

Experts are also saying that there will be a 30% increase in the utility bills within this lockdown period. Fortunately, they also said that there are also a lot of ways we can reduce our household’s energy cost. Here are a few examples.

  • Turn your air conditioning unit’s thermostat down by 1C, you can already save $90 to $98 per year.
  • Wear slippers, socks, and jumpers around your house and putting an extra blanket on your bed can help you avoid the temptation of turning your heater on. If it gets hot, you can simply remove these additional covers.
  • Unplug any electric device when it isn’t being used. Though there are some household appliances that need to be kept on at all times, there are many others that don’t need to be. You see, background electricity use is also defined as the phantom load — one of the biggest culprits of a skyrocketing electricity bill.
  • Check unused and faulty appliances like unused desktop computers, freezers, and fridges. If they’re unused, unplug them. If they’re faulty, replace them. Old electrical appliances cost as much electricity as faulty ones. Get rid of them altogether.
  • Cook one big meal for the entire day instead of cooking every time you want to eat. Aside from saving on gas, you can also save on electricity since you don’t have to wash your cooking tools as frequently.
  • Let your food cool down before storing it in the fridge. Hot or warm food can raise your fridge’s temperature.

Fill your kettle and save on electricity

Fill your kettle and save on electricity

For many people, staying at home means a lot of time to enjoy a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. While this is not something illegal, if you frequently heat water, your electricity bill will also surely skyrocket. So, instead of heating water every time you decide to drink coffee, fill your kettle with all the water you’ll need for the day.

A simple kettle eats around 6% of the total electricity supplied to American homes. In the UK, a university professor studied how much each British household pays for electricity and he found out that if you fill your kettle correctly, they can save £19 from their annual bill. That’s $ 23.31 saving without doing anything drastic.

The cheapest residential electrical energy plans have dropped significantly. This means that the consumers are given the golden window of opportunity to find the best deals that fit their household. Good deals like this don’t come that often, so it’s important to strike while the iron is hot.

The lockdown may be limiting people’s movement, but if you look beyond the physical limitations, you’ll see that it has also brought a lot of good things. Now, the skies are clearer, the waterways and streets are cleaner, and most homes are fuller. Take this time to find some peace and quiet, bond with your family and also start changing your energy habits. Look around your house and see how else can you build more positive energy habits.

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