Cleaning Tips: How To Effectively Remove Pet Hair From Your Home

Probably you have a cat or dog in your house. How do you remove pet hair from your home? Pets make great companions and have other benefits when they become part of the family. However, to enjoy their company and have a clean house, you have to clean their sleeping place and your house regularly. Cleaning a home with pets isn’t an easy thing. The process of removing their shed hair on sofa sets, carpets, and the floor can be frustrating, making it necessary to find the best solution. Our informative article will discuss some proven ways of removing pet hair from home surfaces. Read on for the tips.

Cleaning tips how to effectively remove pet hair from your home

If you are trying to be environmentally conscious, here is a breakdown of environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products for your home.

  1. Use the right vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to remove pets’ hair from surfaces in your home. The vacuum cleaner will suck all the hair, dust, and germs from the floors, leaving your house spotlessly clean. However, not all vacuum cleaners remove the pet’s hair. Kelly Rowett from affirms that there are special vacuum cleaners you can buy that will efficiently remove all the pets’ hair on your home surfaces. Most of these vacuum cleaners have a powerful suction effect, user-friendly, and have solid belts for effectiveness. Before opting for one, it’s necessary going through reviews to find out the best for your house. After you have purchased one, it’s essential running it slowly on surfaces so that it sucks all the pets’ hair and other dirt particles, leaving your house clean. 

  1. Use the window squeegee
Cleaning tips how to effectively remove pet hair from your home

You probably have a window squeegee in your home, which you regularly use to clean your windows. Window squeegees are the perfect replacement for vacuum cleaners if they don’t remove all the pets’ hair. The equipment is best for cleaning carpets. You only need to find one with a long handle and push it forth and back to remove the pets’ hair. The squeegee rubber helps loosen the hair from the surface and then picks it up for easy disposal. You can repeat the cleaning process repeatedly until you feel your carpet is spotlessly clean and free from the pets’ hair. 

  1. Using a tape roll to pick up pets hair

When working on smaller surfaces, you can use a pet roll to pick up the pets’ hair. The method is much convenient and less costly when working on smaller surfaces. You only need to put the tape on the surfaces, and the glue will pick up any hair particles. It is most convenient when picking the smaller hairs, and you can use one tape several times, depending on the strength of the glue. You can purchase the larger tapes if working on larger surfaces. Even though the process can be tedious on larger surfaces, it’s best when you don’t have a huge budget to purchase other cleaning materials. Ensure to dispose of the tapes well after use to avoid creating other inconveniences. 

Cleaning tips how to effectively remove pet hair from your home
  1. Dampen the rubber gloves

Do you have rubber gloves in your house? You can use them effectively to remove pet fur from surfaces. First, you need to dampen the gloves before using them to pick the fur from the surfaces. What’s the science behind this? When you wear the dampened gloves and rub your hands on your items or clothing, it creates static energy. This force attracts the fur and other particles to the gloves. You can use this method to surfaces not easy to access with other equipment, including pillows, bed covers, sofas sets, and other related surfaces. Ensure the fur gets disposed of safely and wash the gloves after this process. Most professionals have used this method in offices and commercial centers, and it has worked best to their advantage. You can also apply it to your home. 

  1. Use lint rollers 

Lint rollers are the best devices for removing pet hairs from upholstery, clothing, and linen, leaving your items fur-free. Most people run these rollers on their clothes before going out to remove any stuck hair. The tool makes the whole process easy and fast, especially when working on smaller surfaces. The lint roller will remove the hair from your furniture, clothes, sofa sets, and other difficult access areas. It leaves your items looking neat and tidy, free from any pet hair. Lint rollers come in different sizes and shapes so that you buy them depending on your wants and preferences. Purchase the most effective ones which you will use for a long time. 

Removing pet hair from your clothes and home surfaces doesn’t have to be a challenging task. It should not be when innovation and technology have come in with better tools for doing so. It is crucial to choose the best method to go with your surface and give you the best result. When you do this, you will maintain a clean and hygienic home.

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